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The History of Labor Unions

Labor Unions

The History of Labor Unions

A labor union, or trade union, is an organization of workers who have joined together to give their union “presumerial” or full union status. The union’s purpose is to protect and expand the rights of their membership and to work for and fight for the benefit of all workers in the city. The union also keeps in mind the needs and interests of the individual workers. There are several types of labor unions: the International Association of Industries (IAI), the National Union (NO), the skeleton union (SAG), and the Federation of city Metro (FM).

Development. The History of Labor Unions

The formation of labor unions is said to have begun with the Pullman Strike of 1866, in which skilled Pullman workers in Chicago went on strike because of poor pay and poor working conditions. A second important development in labor union history concerns the railways, which arose in the 1840s. The Northern and Southern Railway (NCR) and the Union Pacific Railroad (NYSE) came to town, drawing the attention of a great many people to the organization of labor. The railroads have played an important role in the history of the labor union.

Three factors:

The interest of the railroad companies in labor unions is mentioned in the famous quotation by Robert Burns:

” Railroads! The blood of our children is a wage. Railroads! The voice of our fathers is a Railroads! Quem manti, utra petra?”

William Amoco, a railway company president, holds up a mirror to his railroad union friends and tells them:

“I have two tasks for you. You must either make the peace or lose the war. Either you will work for the living or lose the war. You will either work for the track or lose the track. Begin therefore immediately. Work for the living or lose the war.

The second task is that of the living. You have before you certain men who will not only draw you into the conflict in defense of your rights and our national security, but will also give you the financial support you need and the men you need along with them who will do the fighting. These are men whose services are indispensable. They are needed on every great train, in every great battle. cry of “told you so” will be a vain thing before they have got the load. The History of Labor Unions

To sum it up, the railroad has before it a whole life allegorical – a Bible story. It is up to us whether we will draw the mirror. I do not think we shall resist the temptation. How I say! If a operator would rather be called a pork pie than a pig, I would rather call a pork pie than a pig. I think I will call him a pig. Is a pig invented now? No, it was not invented until about 1873.10

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