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Charleston Tea Plantation


Everything You Need To Know

Charleston tea garden and Charleston tea plantation both are the same places. Many people think these two places are different from each other. But they are not. The real name of Charleston tea garden was Charleston tea plantation. In 2022 they changed the name of the plantation to a garden.

Charleston tea plantations provide you with incredible offers like beaches, heritage, real oak trees and many more. But you might not know that Charleston also has tea plantations in the United States. The Charleston tea plantation or Charleston tree garden is only a half-hour drive from central Charleston, and it also provides you with an excellent half-day excursion.

You can easily spend your afternoon in these beautiful Carolina tea gardens. You will also be able to learn about the fascinating world of tea production.


1. When will you visit?

Charleston tea plantation is open all day of the week. You can visit the Charleston tea plantation on any day of the week and in any season.  There are only a few holidays where you cannot visit this place.

On the first day of the year, which is the first of January, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s eve, you will not be able to visit this garden. Otherwise, you can see this fantastic place from Monday to Sunday at their given times.


2. How much you will it cost to visit?

The Charleston tea plantation will cost you nothing. You can visit the tea plantation for free. The tourist centre and store, as well as the Industrial Visit, are all free. You are always welcome to tour the tea grounds and visitor centre. A purchased ticket is necessary for tram rides. The price covers the expense of operating the trolley vehicles. It will also guarantee that everyone gets to sit. Adults will pay 14 dollars, kids from ages 4-11will pay 7 dollars, and children under three are complimentary.

The Trolley Ride is good enough to justify the little entrance cost to the farms. With such a tour of the greenhouse, you may research the history of the tea plantation. You can also observe daily activities and understand the lifespan of a tea plant. Trolley tours are around Forty minutes in length.


3. Best time to visit?

All the seasons have their charm and beauty when you visit the Charleston tea plantation. When you go to the

Charleston tea plantation in spring, you will be able to see the tea planet growing back to life. After the winter season, the comeback of tea leaves makes it a fantastic tasting experience.

When you visit the Charleston tea plantation in summer, you will see fully ready tea plants. In summer, tea plants are harvested. The harvesting in this season manages the work thought the season. When the temperature is cooling down in fall, you can see tea plants’ last harvesting. They cover the whole field with their amazing while flowers when tea plants are ready. The areas start looking like popcorn fields.

Winter is the most peaceful time to visit the tea plants. It is also the coldest time of year.