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ZIMM Z Series

With Corrosion Resistant Coating
5 - 1000 kN
Lift / Lower / Push / Pull


Z Series
Improved MSZ innovation for performance, service life, duty cycle and load
Lift / Lower / Push / Pull 5 to 1000kN

•  All housing corrosion protected so painting not required
•  Effective cooling by ribbed design
•  Easily attached pivot bearings
•  Four mounting options
•  Separate lubrication systems: for worm gears and two for spindle
•  Gearbox sealed
•  High performance hardened and ground worm shaft
•  Standard flange
•  Side marking for installation
•  Two versions:  "S" standing spindle, "R" rotating spindle

Available PDF Downloads:
Construction Advice & Checklists - to ensure you select everything you need
Z Series 5 - 35 kN screw jack boxes
Z Series 50 - 250 kN screw jack boxes
Z Series 350 - 100 kN screw jack boxes
Z Series Components for Mounting & Pivoting
Components for Standing Spindle
Components for Rotating Spindle

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