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5-250kN loads push/pull/lift/lower
Standard design suitable for most
applications where corrosion
resistance not needed.

MSZ 5 /10 / 25 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 250

ZIMM Series MSZ 5-150kN Standard Screw Jack Building Block System
•  Efficient construction as all components are compatible.
•  Capable of bearing tension and compression loads.
•  Stainless steel spindle and components on request.
•  Cast iron housing for all sizes.
Other styles:
•  Aluminium housing for MSZ-Alu-5 / 10 / 25.
•  Full range of sizes 5-1000kN available from the "Z" Series with it's special corrosion resistant coating.

Two basic versions: 
Standing spindle (S) - worm wheel has an internal thread and transforms rotary motion into linear movement as long as the spindle is prevented from rotating either by connection to customers fabrication or by incorporating the protection against rotation VS option.  
Rotating spindle (R) - a flange nut moves up and down on a rotating screw.

•  Ball screw with various pitches.
•  Safety Nut (SIFA) for fail safe wear control.
•  Escape protection AS.
•  Protections against rotation (VS).
•  Anti-backlash AB with adjustable thread play.
•  Lubrication strips.
•  Limit switches.
•  Fixing flanges, forked heads, rod ends, opposed bearing plate, driving nuts.
•  Pivot bearing head.
•  Handwheels.
•  Bellows, spiral springs.
•  Connecting shafts, couplings.
•  Motors, gearboxes.
•  Spring pressure brake, rotary pulse encoder.

Example of Two Screw Jack arrangement:

Quad example

Available PDF downloads:
Overview - Shows all available system components.
Construction Advice - Selection flowchart and specific construction advice.
Calculations - Critical buckling force, critical whirling speed, drive torque, maximum power.
Checklists - Checklist 1 for assistance in making the right selection, copy & fax to us. 
                   Checklist 2 for extended operating time and high duty cycles
                   Checklist 3 for Accessories for S version
                   Checklist 4 for Accessories for R version
                   Checklist 5 diagrams of standard arrangement options.
MSZ 5 to 150 - Specifications for screw jack for 5,10, 25, 50, 100 & 150 kN.
MSZ 250 to 750 - specifications for screw jacks for 250, 350, 500, 650 & 750 kN.
MSZ-Alu-5-25 - Specifications for screw jacks for 5, 10, 25 kN with aluminium housing.

Please also see Components for Screw Jacks.

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