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Vulkollan Coated Plain Bearings

Wear resistant, Silent running & Fast!

Vulkollan Plain Bearings

Wear resistant Vulkollan offers quiet running and high speed up to 4.8m/s
Maximum working temperature 80oC
50mm-179.2mm OD
1000N-10000N load



 Part Nbr.  Outside Diam
x Width (mm)
 V 50/30       50 x 30     1000N
 V 80/57       80 x 57    3000N
 V 101/25     101 x 25    1900N
 V 125/40     125 x 40    4500N
 V 143/50     143 x 50    6000N
 V 179/50     179 x 50  10000N

For full specifications please download PDF

Eccentric versions also available to minimize distance between bearing and profile.

See also Standard Profiles for Vulkollan Bearings



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