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Trapezoidal & ACME Spindle & Nuts

A cost effective linear motion solution where reliable, low maintenance, low speed operation is required. 



  • Sizes TR10x2 to TR52x8
  • Length to 3000mm (special lengths also available)
  • Rods: Materials Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Nuts: Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, - Round, Hex or flanged nuts

Trapezoidal Vs. ACME

Please note that while Trapezoidal and ACME threads are similar there are some subtle differences and the nuts are not interchangeable. Trapezoidal is the metric standard to DIN 103, has a pitch angle of 30 degrees while ACME has 29 degrees and the diameter and pitch is measured in inches. ACME thread is not quite as efficient due to the thread angle friction While we stock Trapezoidal, ACME is available on request.

For full specifications please download PDF



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