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TEA Elesa Ganter Range of Knobs & Handles

Huge range to select from for ergonomically designed, clean room, safe grip as well as a standard range for almost every application

Elesa Ganter

If you're looking for high performance machine elements then you will find what your looking for in the TEA Elesa Ganter range:
•  Hand Wheels
•  Crank Handles
•  Clamping Knobs
•  Clamping Levers
•  Clamping Nuts
•  Tommy Screws
•  U shaped Handles
•  Guard Safety Handles
•  Cabinet Handles
•  Tubular Handles
•  Fixed, Revolving, Fold-Away Handles
•  Control Knobs

Some Options:
•  "Ergostyle" ergonomically designed range
•  "Soft" touch for a safer grip
•  "Clean" for medical equipment
•  Antimicrobial Protection
•  Antistatic Action

Please download PDF for larger overview of range, then contact TEA for full specifications on specific choice.

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