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Planetary Gearboxes Mijno Series

5 types to select from
Heavy duty right angle
Compact & stainless


Mijno Planetary Gearboxes
•  Satellite gears are case hardened to 58-62 HRC and ground
•  All satellite gears feature Rotaxe® tooth profile modifications.  This reduces friction, increases lifetime and offers quiet operation.
•  All bearings are oversized and purchased from the world's most reliable suppliers.
•  All gears rotate on full complement needle bearings instead of caged needle bearings for longer life and great load capacity.
•  All torque ratings are conservative, calculated to provide the longest lifetime possible.

Type MRP
•  Economical range for servo applications requiring precision & robustness with economy.
•  Backlash - from 15 to 8 arc-mins
•  Can be mounted to any motor appropriate for its torque rating.
•  Ratios 3:1 to 100:1

Type MNT
•  Heavy duty servo grade.
•  Backlash - from 8 to 1 arc-min.
•  High radial and acxial load capability.
•  Quiet and reliable.
•  Ratios 3:1 to 100:1

Type MRA
•  Heavy duty servo grade right angle series.
•  Backlash 15, 10 or 3 arc-mins.
•  Easy one minute clamping to any motor shaft.
• Double, quadruple or hollow output shafts available.
• Ratios 3:1 to 100:1

Type BDB
•  Unique gearbox dedicated to servo applications requiring compactness and high torques.
•  Backlash - 5 to 1 arc-min.
•  Ratios 4:1 to 220:1
•  High torsional stiffness.
•  IP65

Type MSS & MRS
•  All stainless steel construction: flanges, housing, shafts.
•  Heavy duty servo grade.
•  Ideal for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
•  Food grade lubrication.
•  Suitable for wash-down applications (IP67 standard)
•  Inline version (MSS) same dimensions as MNT 080, 115 and 140
•  Right angle version (MRS) same dimensions as MRA 080, 115 and 140

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