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Linear Slide System Type AD

Using chrome plated steel bar stiffened and held parallel by an aluminium profile.

AD D10 M106 C106 E106

Type AD linear slide system is available cut to required length with a choice of steel or aluminium carriage plates.

Load N
Load N
 AD106  M106  C106 + E106  800  400
 AD208  M208  C208 + E208  1600  2000
 AD208R  M208R  C208R + E208R  2400  2600
 AD210  M210  C210 + E210  2400  2600
 AD312  M312  C31 + E312  3200  3200
 AD316  M316  C316 + E316  640  7000
 AD416  M416  C416 + E416  6400  7000
 AD416R  M416R  C416R + E416R  17200  8600
 AD420  M420  C420 + E420  20000  31400

Roller bearing guide wheels are also suitable for use with hexagonal bar.
This system is incorporated in the AK208R belt driven mechanical linear drive.

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