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Huco Uni-Lat Coupler

Huco Uni-Lat Coupling
Huco Uni-Lat Coupling


Lateral Displacement Coupling
General purpose light duty
Max. speed 3000 rpm
Max. peak torque 12 Nm

Huco Uni-Lat Coupler

Ideal for: encoders, resolver, tacho, potentiometer drives.  Small positions slides, dosing pumps and other light drives generally.

•  Backlash free up to 108 turns
•  10º angular and 1mm radial compensation
•  Flex-free mechanical action - low bearing loads
•  Torsionally damping
•  Non-magnetic
•  Axially stiff - transmits push/pull loads
•  Short space envelope
•  Electrically isolating
•  Low inertia
Torque is transmitted through a pair of injection moulded acetal rings formed with bearings that allow the hubs pivotal and radial displacement.  The principle uniquely combines the mechanisms of the universal joint and Oldham couplings, and is free of flex-related restoring forces.

Max. speed up to 3000 rpm
Max. peak torque 12 Nm

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