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Huco Multi Beam Couplers

Huco MultiBeam Couplings
Huco MultiBeam Couplings


3 or 6 beam coupling
Torsionally rigid design
Zero backlash
Max. speed 5000 rpm

720 722 721 703 723

General purpose single piece coupling for stepper and servo drives, encoders, tachogenerators and other light duty power transmission applications.

When to choose Multi-Beam Couplings
In applications where there is a need to compensate for misalignment, maintain constant velocity, and provide axial compliance...Multi Beam offers a one-piece integrated solution

Material options: 303 stainless steel, aluminium, acetal

•  Torsionally rigid design
•  Zero backlash
•  3-beam single stage compatible with industry standard types
•  6-beam two stage for increased radial compliance

Multi-Beam couplers will readily accommodate any combination of axial motion, angular and parallel misalignment.  The 3 start helical-cut design provides higher torque capability and greatly reduced wind-up compared with single beam couplers.

Max. speed up to 5000 rpm
Temperature range: -40ºC to +120ºC
OD: 6.4mm to 63.5mm
For shaft diameters from 2mm to 16mm

For full specifications please download PDF

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