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Hepco PRT2 Ring Slide

For all circular motion applications.


Hepco PRT2 - Precision Ring and Track System
Providing a versatile solution for most rotary and track system applications.

•  Circular motion control at the periphery.
•  Friction-free/Zero play motion.
•  Extensive range - ring diameters up to 1501mm as standard.
•  Double edge, single edge and Ring Disc's version.
•  Simple and effective means to lubrication.
•  Floating Bearing - axial movement of V position.
•  Track System allows vairety of circuits.
•  High load support option at work station.
•  Works in any plane.
•  Stainless steel options.
•  Carriage brake available.

For full specifications please download PDF.

For CAD files please click here, to go directly to Hepco website, once registered there your CAD downloads are freely available  will have free CAD downloads.

See also Driven Linear Systems - for Hepco's DTS Driven Ring & Track System

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