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Hepco HDLS

Hepco Heavy Duty Belt Driven System


HepcoMotion’s Heavy Duty Belt Driven Actuator will handle heavy loads in a variety of factory conditions with minimal maintenance requirements. It is popular in many automotive installations where round the clock reliable running is vital, and also as part of heavy duty gantry axes.

  • The Strong beam section will perform a gantry function as part of the structure with no additional support required.
  • High driving forces ideal for automotive or other heavy duty pushing requirements.
  • Generously sized range of steel reinforced belts ideal for lifting heavy loads.
  • HDLS actuators use our high capacity double row bearings from our HDS2 range. These will give superior performance over many re-circulating drive products.
  • Low maintenance cap wipers can be linked to automatic lubrication system.
  • Available with wider slide spacing to handle high offset loads.

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