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Hepco DTS

Hepco Belt Driven Track System


HepcoMotion’s Belt Driven Track Systems are a complete package incorporating drive pulleys and belts together with all the ancillary mechanical parts needed to make a system. Carriages are generally fitted to the drive belt with an ingenious trip latch mechanism that disengages and prevents damage in the event of system overload. A geared motor or index unit can be simply fixed to the drive pulley. The belt driven track system is available with two sizes of slide section (25mm and 44mm).

  • Tracks can incorporate multi carriages that can be locked at workstations for accurate assembly or positioning operations.
  • Easily incorporated into a multi function machine as a transfer or positioning system.
  • Track slides and end segments are fitted to bespoke aluminium sections, the whole assembly can be mounted to your own installation.
  • Timing belt drive for quieter operation than chain drives.
  • Option of buying individual DTS components for designing into your own arrangement.

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