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Flange Plates for Combined Bearings

Combined bearings complete with factory welded flange plates reduce installation costs and time. Many sizes from stock.
Welded on Flange Plate
Winkel flange plates in combination with combined bearings are suitable for screw joints between constuction and guide profiles

Four versions available:

Standard rectangular flange plate for combined bearing:
AP A, AP S, AP 0, AP 1, AP 2, AP 3.1, AP 4, AP 6

Rectangular flange plates with lubrication access from face side:
AP 0-LUB, AP 1-LUB, AP 2-LUB, AP 3.1-LUB, AP 4-LUB, AP 6-LUB

Square flange plates:
AP 0-Q, AP S-Q, AP O-Q, AP 1-Q, AP 2-Q, AP 3.1-Q, AP 4-Q, AP 6-Q

Square flange plates for jumbo combined bearings:
AP 89-Q, AP 90-Q, AP 91-Q, AP 92-Q, AP 93-Q,

*All flange plates supplied welded to Combined Bearings
*All flange plates are the corrosion protected version
*Material: S235 JR
(Combined bearings also available with no flange plates)

Please download PDF for full specifications of flange plates

Please also refer to individual Combined Bearing section where downloads include the dimensions of the flange plate suitable for that size.

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