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Axial Bearing - Eccentric

Axial Eccentric Combined Bearing
Axial Eccentric Combined Bearing

Axial Combined Bearing.jpg

Axial bearing adjustable using eccentric shaft to set bearing spacing in the guide rail. 

4.454 to 4.463


Winkel Combined Bearings are an innovative combination of a main radial bearing and an internal axial bearing. As part of a modular construction system including the bearings, profiles, flange plates and other equipment combined bearings enable simple and cost-saving designs.

  • Can take up high radial & axial loads
  • Strong profiles for high static & dynamic loads
  • Excellent dispersion of forces in the profiles
  • Extended lifetime for bearings and profiles
  • Economical assembly with welding bolt
  • Fast assembly with flange plate option
  • Bearing components are easily exchangeable



Combined Bearings offer an innovative solution to a wide range of industrial applications where linear motion is required and high axial and radial forces may be present. Some application examples include:

  • Lifting Systems
  • Telescoping Units
  • Storage & Retrieval Machines
  • Materials Handling
  • Ship Building
  • Palletisers
  • Muti-axis Machines

Eccentric Axial Bearings are adjusted by loosening screws and turning the eccentric axle (the Axial bearing will be turned).

These bearings are available with or without welded flange plates.

Part Nbr. Outside Diam.
 4.454  62.5
 4.455  70.1
 4.456  77.7
 4.567  78.8
 4.458  88.4
 4.459  101.6
 4.460  108.5
 4.461  107.7
 4.462  123.0
 4.463  149.4

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