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Machine Feet Leveling Elements Zinc/Plastic

Machine Feet Leveling Elements
Machine Feet Leveling Elements

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Zinc / Plastic Machine Feet Leveling Elements are suitable for medium duty machine levelling and stability applications.



Quality machines need stable footings, or mobility which is where TEA's range of high quality yet affordable Caster Wheels, Machine Feet, Leveling Elements, Inserts and Vibration Dampers can deliver the stability and finishing touch your customers demand. 


  • Polyamide base, zinc plated stem
  • with or without no-slip disk
  • 4 base diameters to select from
  • M8 - M16 threaded stem
  • Plastic foot with zinc plated steel stem
  • Max. static loads: 5000-10000N


Machine Feet Leveling Elements are ideal for applications requiring a stable yet adjustable base that includes vibration damping. Including for the frame of a production line machinery, in ergonomic applications such as work benches and tables, generators and other powered equipment. 

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