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T.E.A. Machine Components can supply a wide range of Electric Motors to suit your budget and application needs. Electric Motor range includes AC & DC motors with controllers. AC Asynchronous Motors in Single Phase and DC Permanent Magnetic Motors. If you're searching for a specific manufacturer or type of electric motor we can help you source that too.

Speed Adjustable Motors & Gearboxes
Speed Adjustable Motors & Gearboxes

Motor sizes: 60-104mm OD
Max. speed: 1350rpm
Wattage output: 6 - 140 W
Max. torque: .05 - .85 Nm
Gearbox ratios: 3:1 to 200:1

AC Asynchronous Motor Single Phase
AC Asynchronous Motor Single Phase

Motor sizes: 36-95mm OD
Max. rated speed:  2800rpm
Max. operating voltage: 240 V
Max. current: 868 mA
Max. torque: 64.0 Ncm

DC Permanent Magnet Motors
DC Permanent Magnet Motors

Motor sizes: 53-100mm OD
Max. speed: 3000rpm
Max. current: 8.0 A
Max. torque: 84.0 Ncm
Protection: IP40

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