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Compact Precision Drives

Compact Precision Drives

T.E.A. Machine Components presents a new line of compact angular gears by German manufacturer Ketterer. The new Ket-Bee 200X series combines high-performing mechanics in the smallest possible installation space with easy power transmission, an extended service lifecycle and a positive price-performance ratio.

The leg length in the most compact of the new angular gears is shorter than a matchstick. Available in seven sizes, featuring legs from 32mm to 60mm in length, the angular gear meets many needs in installation, assembly and automation engineering. Potential areas of application include shading and building engineering, as well as mechanical engineering.

In principle, the gear can be used for any deflection of a linear movement as well as for swivel motions. The angular gears can be deployed in plant construction or handling systems, for instance, driving conveyor belts, adjusting the width of conveyor belts or swivel arms and adjusting positioning units and pallet systems. The Ket-Bee 200X is used in shading technology applications to adjust slats and other shading elements.

According to Ketterer CEO Odin Jäger, the need for compact dimensions meant they had to use appropriate materials and prioritize the gear teeth quality. Therefore, even the most compact model with a leg length of 32mm x 32mm can guarantee maximum torque.

The use of high quality materials including surface-hardened steel bevel gears and ball bearings for input and output drive contributes to the Ket-Bee 200X’s long service life and high-power density. This also makes the gears ideal for withstanding the high stresses imposed by mechanical engineering. The precision-manufactured steel bevel gears have a radial clearance of just 3° (±1°), allowing the gear to operate virtually noiselessly in addition to reducing wear and maintenance. The gear ratio is 1 for all versions: 1, with torques and a power spectrum – depending on size – ranging from 0.1 to 10.0 Nm.

Ketterer also offers standardized interfaces, enabling positive power transmission via feather key and a uniform hole pattern for mounting.