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WINKEL RLE Robot Tracks provide more freedom of movement for efficient production.

WINKEL RLE Robot Tracks provide more freedom of movement for efficient production.

Automation is growing rapidly across all industries, with the use of industrial robots. Numerous production and logistics processes, for example in the automotive industry, in machinery and plant engineering, in the food and electronics industries, would not have been possible without them. The robot axes of the linear technology specialist Winkel provide high level mobility in different designs and thus cover a particularly wide range of applications.

The axes are used when an industrial robot has to move linearly - for example, along a production line - to manage its task. Combined with one or two additional linear axes, the working space of a six-axis robot can be easily and effectively increased. Winkel offers a comprehensive product range with axes for all types of robots and makes. The robots can be erected standing, side or suspended, as well as mounted on a base or floor-bound. Depending on the axle type, their weight can be between 300 and 10,000 kilograms. On a longer travel axis, the user has the possibility to move several robots independently of each other.

The linear axes are driven with hardened tooth rods and pinions. Cured ball circulation systems or flat guides are optionally used as guide elements. This makes the axes particularly precise: the repeatability is less than +/- 0.1 millimeters for all angle models. With speeds of more than 2 meters per second, the robot axes are also extremely dynamic. Their steel profile construction makes them particularly stiff and thus robust. In addition, central lubrication ensures low maintenance.

For better protection of the axles, these are also available with a cover - for example, in dusty or polluted environments. Also offered are special, encapsulated axes for welding or adhesive areas. With the robot axes, the user can realize a much more flexible work piece handling and thus make production and logistics processes faster and more efficient. Please call us for more information today.