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Industrial Chains & Sprockets

Due to popular demand T.E.A. Machine Components are adding Chains & Sprockets to our range of industrial components.

• Standard Roller Chain

• Heavy Series Roller Chain

• Multiple-Strand Roller Chain

• Double Pitch Roller Chain

• Self-Lubricated Roller Chain

• Pre-Lubricated Roller Chain

Chain Drive Advantages

• Chain drives, unlike belt drives, do not slip or creep.

• There is no power loss due to slippage; therefore, chain drives are more efficient than belt drives.

• Chain drives are more compact than belt drives. A chain drive, for a given capacity, is narrower than a belt, and the sprockets are smaller in diameter than the belt sheaves.

• Chain drives are more practical for slow speed drives.

• Chains can operate effectively at high temperatures.

• Chains are usually easier to install than belts on power transmission drives.

• Chains do not deteriorate due to oil, grease, sunlight, or age.

• Chains withstand chemicals and abrasive conditions.

• Chains can operate in wet conditions.

• Chains are effective when several shafts are to be driven from a single shaft, as positive timing between the driven shafts is usually required.

• Chain stretch due to normal wear is a slow process.

• Chains require less take-up adjustment than belts.

• Chains can be used with varying shaft center distances, whereas gears usually cannot.

• Chain drives are simpler and less costly than gear drives.

• Chains can be used on reversing drives.

If you have a need for chain & sprockets please call

804-342-0004 or email us sales@teausa.net and we'd be happy to send you data sheets, and a quote meets your needs.