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Elesa Machine Elements

Elesa Machine Elements

TEA Machine Components offer Elesa Machine Elements in inch or metric in the most advanced engineering plastic and metal materials combining reliability, and efficiency with innovative ergonomics and design. Elesa offers high quality parts, and the widest range of products for industrial machines. Choose the material, and product to fit your application today.

OPERATING ELEMENTS - Spoked, Solid & Arm Handwheels, Crank handles

CLAMPING KNOBS - Lobe knobs, Grip knobs

CLAMPING LEVERS - Adjustable levers, Lever handles

LIFT & PULL HANDLES - Bridge & Pull Handles, Flush Pull Handles, Tubular Handles

FIXED & REVOLVING HANDLES – Also Fold-Away Handles

CONTROL ELEMENTS - Control Knobs, Control Levers

ROTARY CONTROLS – Gravity, Positive Drive & Direct Drive Indicators. Handwheels w/ Indicator

INDEXING & POSITIONING ELEMENTS - Indexing Plungers, Lock Pins, Spring Plungers

MACHINE ELEMENTS - Grub-Screws, Thrust Pads, Rings, Washers, Cam Locking Levers, Joints, Vibration-Damping Elements, Ball Transfer Units, Magnets

LEVELLING ELEMENTS & SUPPORTS - Levelling Elements, Bearing End Caps, Connecting Clamps, Supports & Guides

HINGES & CONNECTIONS - Plastic Hinges, Steel Hinges, Connection Angles

LATCHES - Latches w/ Handle, Latches w/ Key, Hook Clamps, Toggle Clamps

ACCESSORIES FOR HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS - Plugs Breather Caps, Level Indicators

CASTORS AND WHEELS – Polyurethane, Technopolymer & Rubber Wheels