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We Have the Gears you Need!

We Have the Gears you Need!

Modules 1 to 8 - Steel, Stainless Steel & Plastic

T.E.A. Spur Gears

Low Cost for applications where price is the main consideration

Material: C1045 - heat treatable for higher performance

Modules: 1 - 8  (larger sizes are available on request)

Most sizes in stock


SNB Spur Gears

For applications where precision is more important

Material: ETG100 (special high strength steel) for smaller tooth numbers and smaller modules sizes and  CK45 steel for all other sizes

Modules: 1 to 8 (larger sizes are available on request)

Many sizes in stock


SNE Stainless Steel Spur Gears

Material: 303 stainless steel

Modules 1 - 4

Short delivery time


SH Spur Gears with minimal noise

Material: Hostaform C - plastic

Modules: 0.5 to 3

No lubrication needed

Quiet running


Most sizes in stock

Custom gears are available according to your drawings in steel or stainless steel with small quantities being ok.

Brass and steel spur gears available on request:

Brass modules 0.3 - 1 - grade 8d (DIN 58405) - straight tooth

Steel module 0.5, 0.7 - milled straight teeth

Delrin modules 0.5 - 3 - ideal for temperatures up to 100ºC and

intermittent up to 160ºC

Steel hardened, ground, crowned - modules 1 - 8


TEA MACHINE COMPONENTS also supplies a large range of specialty and standard engineering and transmissions components from stock drive parts including steel/plastic Spur Gears Modules 0.5-8, steel/plastic Bevel Gear Sets, Universal Joints, Rod Ends, Trapezoidal Spindle, Spline Shafts and Precision Round Shafts. As well as custom Linear Motion Systems, Linear Actuators, Screw Jacks and Ball Screws.