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Magnetic Couplings

Magnetic Couplings

Two piece, rare earth permanent magnetic couplings are designed for contact free torque transmission through any non-ferrous wall.


These permanent magnetic couplings consist of opposing discs with powerful rate earth magnets. The torque applied to one disc is transferred through an air gap to the other disc. Due to their simple flat design, users can have up to three degrees or a parallel misalignment of up to 6mm and still transmit nearly full rotational torque. It is also easy to isolate drive side components from clean or contained processes.


Permanent magnetic couplings also have the benefit of slipping when the maximum torque is exceeded, thus protecting mechanical components in the drive line from any damage.


Key advantages of permanent magnetic couplings include:

  • No wearing parts
  • Synchronous design
  • No slip at any speed
  • No physical contact between driving and driven parts
  • Simplifies containment barrier
  • 100% overload protection
  • Electrical, chemical and mechanical isolation.


Permanent magnetic couplings are ideal for use in marine applications to remove the need for shaft seals, laboratory mixers and vessel agitators, for driving submerged pumps or compressors, and in solar or low power applications requiring extremely efficient torque transmissions.